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QO100 modified LNB


QO-100 modified LNB


This is a modified OPTICUM LTP 04H LNB, ideal for operation with the AMSAT-DL QO-100 DownConverter V3d.

The reference clock is fed directly from the DownConverter V3d and generated there by a highly stable TCXO+GPS (GPDSDO). An additional external GPSDO is not required.

Thus e.g. simultaneous reception from NB and WB transponder (DATV) is possible.

When using the 24 MHz clock, DATV is e.g. possible with the Octagon SF8008 satellite receiver without any problems. In the satellite receiver one sets as mixing frequency IF = 9360 MHz (instead of 9750 MHz).

Attention: the external reference is only at the “WB+24MHz” input of the converter and must then be connected accordingly also with the correct connection of the LNB (with earlier versions of the LNB the connections were reversed).

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