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QO-100 Linux SDR Transceiver

Installation and Start

With a fresh Linux image (newly flashed) many libraries are missing. To make the installation as easy as possible, installation programs have been created that should work without errors on all tested Debian/Ubuntu/RaspiOS computers.

The installation of QO100 Transceiver is done in these steps:

open a terminal and enter these three lines:

chmod 755 install

the installation takes a few minutes and must run without any noticeable error messages.

The complete installation of all required packages is completely done by the script “install”. With the above three lines one downloads this script, makes it executable and starts it.

The install program was created for Debian/Ubuntu based distributions, which includes practically all single board computers (Raspberry, Odroid, Orange, Rockpi…). If you want to install the program on a completely different system (e.g. Opensuse, Fedora…) this is also possible if you install the missing packages by hand.


If the program is already installed and you want to update to the new version, the existing directory QO100_Transceiver must be deleted completely. You can also rename it if you want to keep the previous version. Then do an installation as described above.

Program startup:

Raspberry PI Users:

during the installation ./prepare_raspi was executed (see above). This created a starter on the desktop, which you simply click to start the transceiver.

(this only works if you work as the default user “pi”. If someone has created a user with a different name, the directories in the scripts must be changed accordingly !)

User of other computers:

After the installation you will find the following new directory:
one changes to this directory and prints the contents:

cd QO100_Transceiver/Release

these files will be displayed:

qo100trx.exe startQO100trx trxdriver

if one of the files is missing, the installation was not successful. If everything is there, you can start the program:


the QO100 Transceiver window will open, now some things have to be configured, see chapter: Configuration

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