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QO-100 is in very successful operation. It covers almost half of the earth's surface and thanks to its very stable propagation conditions it offers excellent radio communication and this 24h a day and 7 days a week. So far it has been used mainly in CW/SSB and DATV. To stimulate the use of other digital modes, DJØABR has developed the “Highspeed Multimedia Modem” software.

The multimedia high-speed modem is used for fast digital data transmission in a max. 2.7 kHz wide SSB channel. It was developed primarily for the QO-100 satellite, but can also be used on other bands. Which data can be transferred?

   • Images (automatic scaling in several quality levels)
   • Text files
   • HTML (web) pages
   • Binary files or any file
   • Speech, digitized with two selectable codecs

the op-mode RTTY is also supported.

Transfer Speed

When using an amateur radio transceiver: up to 6000 bit / s
When using SDR solutions (SDR console): up to 7200 bit / s
Detailed information can be found in the Amsat Journal 4Q20 or on the Internet (see links in the sidebar)

HS Modem

Test transmissions regularly on 10489.580 MHz

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