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Examples of transmission times (8APSK-6000)

  • Image with 320 × 240 pixels (asused for SSTV,KGSTV): approx. 8 seconds 
  • Image with 640 × 480 pixels (low quality): approx. 33 seconds 
  • Image with 640 × 480 pixels (medium quality): approx. 55 seconds 
  • HTML web page with 14 kB: approx. 7 seconds 

Especially with texts or HTML pages, net speeds of more than 16 kbps can be achieved through automatic compression. A pure text station presentation can thus be sent in just 2 to 3 seconds, a detailed presentation with an image of the QSL card in about 30 to 40 seconds. Due to these short transmission times, block repetitions are unnecessary in case of errors. If necessary, simply send the file again.

For very large files (the maximum is fixed at 200 kB) HS Multimedia Modem can make additions on the basis of the block number and thus produce an error-free file from two faulty transmissions, unless the same block was faulty by chance.

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