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The installation files are located here:


There are ready-made images for the single-board computers Raspberry PI 4, Odroid N2 and Odroid C4. After the download, you write this on an SD card and boot the SBC. Afterwards you can expand the partition size to the maximum size of the SD card (see command: resize2fs).

The images contain fully tested HS modems and are immediately ready for use after connecting a transceiver via USB.

Linux Github

Hsmodem is an open source project. All files can be downloaded here:
The file contains information on compiling and installing.

Installation from the current Github sources

only load this one file from Github:
Save in any directory on the Linux PC (e.g. in the home directory)
Make the file executable: chmod 755
and start the file: . /

The system is then configured and hsmodem is created from the sources. As soon as the script has finished (and without errors), hsmodem is ready for use. For more information, see Github

HSmodem requires a reasonably up-to-date 64-bit Linux version. The scripts are written for Debian / Ubuntu / Mint and derivatives. Other systems like Suse, Fedora may need adjustments to the names of the libraries.


GLIBC Version 2.27 or newer must be installed (Thanks for the information Martin, DM4IM)

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