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Streaming: Operation from the recipient's point of view

the transmission includes two parts:

  1. the HTML web file for displaying the information
  2. the data stream with the external information

the HTML file is required to display the data in a web browser. It has nothing to do with the internet. The HTML file is saved locally and called up by the browser, so this also works without an Internet connection.

Usually the required HTML file is sent with the data stream, not very often, but it is sent every few minutes. HS-Modem recognizes HTML files automatically and saves them in the computer. As soon as you have received an HTML file, a new button will appear in the file window:

Then click on this button to open the HTML file in a browser.

Further operation depends on the HTML application. In the case of the Amsat Multimedia Beacon, see: QO-100 Multimedia Beacon.

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