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In the menu item “Setup” the necessary basic settings are defined .

  • Personal Settings: 

First you enter your own callsign, the info text is optional. This text and the callsign can be inserted into a transmitted picture. Whether the type of modulation and data rate used is transmitted before each transmission by means of an artificial voice or, as in the example (Fig. 8), before every fourth transmission can be freely defined.

  • Transceiver Audio:

Here you define the audio sources for the transmitter (Audio Playback Device) or the audio sink for the receiver (Audio Record Device). These can be the microphone and the loudspeaker of the PC. In the example two “virtual audio cables” are used to connect the Highspeed Modem with the SDR-Console. The volume settings can be optimized later.

  • Maintenance:

If the modem is running on the same PC as the user interface, a tick must be placed here. If a Raspberry Pi or Odroid computer is used for the modem and another computer is used for the user interface, you should uncheck this option.

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