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Send and receive files:

The menu item “File” permits the transmission of ASCII, HTML and binary files.

Load ASCII Text File:

In this menu item you select a pure text file for transmission. It is shown in the left window.


Sends the file. If you receive yourself, the received text file is displayed on the right. In the example, a text file describing the installation of the Highspeed Multimedia Modem on a Raspberry Pi was transmitted at an effective transmission speed of 8761 bps. Since text files can be compressed well, this high speed was achieved. Compression is automatically applied to all files except image files..

Load HTML File:

In this menu item you select an HTML file to be sent. HTML (web) files are transmitted in the same way as text files, except that a web browser opens automatically when received and displays the HTML pag.

Load Binary File:

Analogous to the previous points, a binary file is selected here.

Of course, binary files are not displayed after reception. Instead, the right-hand window shows transmission statistics.

Open RX file folder:

All received files can be accessed.

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