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User Interface / Operation

The user interface will run on any computer (Windows PC, Linux PC, single-board computer, probably also Mac-OS, which has not been tested yet). After starting the program, the modem is automatically found in the home network, no matter whether it is running on the same or another computer. The program is called “oscardata.exe” and is located on the SD card in the directory: /home/odroid/modem or /home/pi/modem or as a download on this page [5].

Windows: the program is installed as described and started from the menu as usual.

Linux: the file runs under the Linux package: mono-complete from version 6.12.0. In the preconfigured images this is already installed. To start the program, you open a console and go to /home/odroid/modem or /home/pi/modem and start there: “mono oscardata.exe”.

After starting oscardata.exe you will see the user interface (Fig. 7), for the time being still without content..

The IP address of the modem appears in the status line. If not, there is no network connection yet. As soon as the transceiver is switched on you can see noise in the constellation diagram on the lower left.

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